From Pull-ups To Condoms

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

The Elmo potty song was just on our lips and now he is 16. I wish I could hold him forever but...that’s unhealthy. Instead, I’ll teach him how to fly.  I wish I could protect his innocence but...the internet/social media. I’m tasked with helping him navigate a world that didn’t exist when I was young (wish me luck). I wish I could protect him from hurt and heartache but...important lessons are gained through pain and disappointment. These arms will always be here to hold him.

I want. I dream. I want him to focus on his own journey and not compare himself to others. I want him to own his mistakes and learn from them. I want him to be fearless when pursuing his goals, and not to be discouraged when storms threaten.  I want him to never hold back and to live life fully. I want him to do good every day and to help others whenever he can. I want him to live a life of gratitude and to appreciate the people who love him. I want him to never waste time feeling bad about the things he cannot change. I want to see him marry the girl of his dreams...and pray they complement each other in every way.  Oh, the dreams I have for him. Still..the dreams he has for himself are most important. May the seeds I planted of love, hope, resilience, compassion, and a thirst for knowledge, take root in him, grow and flourish. Happy birthday my little one.

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