The Kardashians Are Trending

Should I care that the Kardashians are trending today? I hope not, because I don’t. I often feel harassed by social media, and the constant need of others for me, to be connected. I put my cell on airplane mode at night, and put distance between my phone and I during the day. The amount of reprimand I receive for this act of defiance is...unexpectedly nuts. It would be refreshing to live a life less connected. Unfortunately, I find myself lately falling in line with the horde. The rebel in me continues to resist this insidious disease of connectivity; however, I am losing hope that I can stand my ground. Of course, I can’t sit too high on my proverbial horse, since my witty ponderings need social media to reach my BIG little Writes village. Win win you say...I’m not sure..maybe.

Do you feel harassed by technology? I would love to hear from you.

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