Turn Down For What

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

I am very shy until my fingers connect with a karaoke mic. My singing abilities are basic at best and questionable otherwise. Is this reason enough to deprive the world of my vocal renderings? A few of you just said yes out loud. Recently, an autistic little boy asked if I was rich. We had never met before, and I was taken aback by the question until I observed his disposition. My first thought after that was, I wish I was as ‘free’ as he appeared. To say exactly what is on your mind without a filter has to be a superpower. To sing joyfully without tone, and with uncalled for emotion, is my superpower. With such great power comes responsibility. So, my personal rose gold bedazzled karaoke microphone is wielded in the comfort of my home. My family is the lucky recipient of my ‘gift’.

The favorites in my repertoire are anything by Queen, 90’s alternative rock and whatever tickles me that day.

Do you have a favorite karaoke song? I would love to hear from you.

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