What Are The Five Best Exercises To Lose Weight?

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

This knowledge will change your life for the better and forever.

  1. How you start your day is very important to your weight reduction. Upon waking, stretch, wiggle your fingers and toes. Next...say out loud, “thank you God (universe) for allowing me to see a new day. Continue with, “thank you for these eyes that see, this mouth that sings your praises, a sound mind and this body that serves me well”. Start every day with overwhelming gratitude. Don’t you feel lighter already?

  2. Stand naked in front of your mirror. Next...say out loud, “I love me some me”. Then compliment your body for the jobs it does well. Some of the things I say are, “belly, you assisted me in bringing life into the world...stretch marks, I see you being confident in the role you played in that miracle”. Maybe, your body is not what it used to be...so what...start walking. I lose weight every morning after this. Maybe, I am just losing the weight of other people’s expectations.

  3. Don’t start your day by stepping on the scale. Exercise willpower and refuse to start your day with a number that will put a cloud over it. I’ve heard it said that cloudy days create the perfect atmosphere for weight gain. Just say no.

  4. Stop eating everything that makes you happy. You and carbs have been 'friends till the end' like Chucky in Child’s Play but is Chucky really your friend though. Trust me, say no to the happy carbs and you’ll lose weight...and simple joy...but you’ll be thin and that’s the goal right?

  5. Know the fat you and the skinny you are awesome. Set a goal that you are happy with and take your time working towards it. If you have an off day, week, month or year…start over and cheer yourself on. Life is relatively short, don’t waste your time beating yourself up over some extra pounds.

Disclaimer: I am not a weight-loss professional. However, I am a retired professional dieter who has found freedom in loving the body my soul inhabits. Stay Active And Live...Love...Laugh

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